Monday, 28 December 2015

Are You Struggling To Manage Your HTML Site? Migrate To WordPress Now!

html to wordpress conversion

Earlier, before the invention of WordPress, a popular and flexible Content Management System, websites were developed by compiling static HTML pages together wherein they all had the similar layout, but different content.

But the traditional method of developing a website was not up to the mark. In fact, there were times when styles and scripts were coded with the HTML framework, and this gave way to issues such as slow loading of the site as millions and thousands of same code will be loaded for each and every page.

Therefore, most of the companies (who have HTML websites) are switching their sites to WordPress.
The popularity of WordPress is not hidden from us and through this blog post, we will find out the reasons why people should migrate their traditional HTML site to Wordpress.

1. Develop Websites without Any Coding

WordPress is the easy-to-use content management system that let web user (with least web development knowledge) to develop their own website. It means you can design and develop a website, without generating a single line of code. You can easily add posts and pages, update content; embed images and videos without any technical assistance. Isn’t it cool?

2. Open to Search Engines

WordPress is much better for SEO motive as you will find many SEO plugins for your site which will help you get higher rank in search engines like Google and Bing. And if we compare WordPress with static HTML websites, then you can discover that WordPress is packed with numerous SEO features and functions that will help you increase your online reputation.

WordPress also offers various SEO plugins that will allow you optimize your site for search engines.
Now get higher ranking in Google by developing a site over WordPress.

3. Cost-effective

WordPress allows you to post, publish and update a new content in a website with ease. You can do all the managing work by your own, without hiring any professional web designer and developer –this saves both time and money.

But if you want to convert your existing HTML site into WordPress, then you need to hire a reliable WordPress development company that can offer you HTML to WordPress conversion services at affordable price.

4. Safe and Secure

WordPress offers a strong community support that means hundreds of professional designers and developers develop the system from the documentation to the coding itself. So we can say that WordPress websites are secure enough. In fact, it regularly releases new versions that come with advanced security fixes.

Plus, it offers tons of security plugins that will protect your site from hackers and other malicious activities.

5. It Offers Great Flexibility

Want to integrate social media, or want to add contact forms, registration forms or any other functionality into your site, use WordPress plugins. WordPress offers millions of useful plugins that will help you extend the functionality of your site, without any coding.

To an addition, it also comes with tons of beautiful and attractive themes that will give a fresh, crisp and appealing look to your site. You can change the design of your site in few minutes.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Converting PSD to WordPress Theme is The Best Option for You

psd to wp conversion
A Content Management System basically allows a web user to manage their content in a well-structured environment. With this, you can create and modify your website where you can store and display all your documents, images, videos and other related content in an organized way.

From the last few years, WordPress has emerged as the most powerful Content Management System across the web world. It empowers you to create and develop a fresh and new website with ease. In fact, most of the companies are making the use of WordPress to create a fully-functional e-commerce website that in turn boosted the popularity of PSD to WordPress conversion.

It is an ideal platform for those who want to convert their PSD file into a fully-fledged WordPress website. If you are not familiar with this topic then you should read this blog post.

Today, we will share the advantages associated with the PSD to WordPress conversion in this blog post.

The advantages of converting PSD to WordPress:

1. It Doesn’t Require Any Technical Knowledge 

If you are new into the web development industry and scared of using WordPress then let me tell you that WordPress is open source software that allows you to create and develop a website, without any coding. This means you can update, customize and delete your site’s content, without any technical knowledge or assistance.

2. An Immense Collection of Plugins and Themes

Apart from a user-friendly feature, WordPress also offers a huge inventory of plugins and themes (both free and paid) that can help you build a highly-interactive website easily and quickly. With the use of plugins, you can extend the functionality of your site (you can easily integrate additional functions such as social media icon, contact form, registration form, and more into your site).

And WordPress themes allow you to enhance the beauty of your site that can help you get attention and establish your unique identity in the web world.

3. SEO Friendliness 

Most of the people are converting PSD file to WordPress website because the codes written in WordPress sites are simple, clear and easily accessible by the search engine crawlers.
No doubt PSD files can easily drive the viewer’s attention, but it cannot be accessed by search engine crawlers.

 But by converting it to WordPress, you can ensure that each and every code is properly written in your site. It also offers various compelling SEO plugins that can help you increase your online presence.

4. Cross-browser Compatibility

One of the biggest disadvantages of PSD file is that they are heavy and incompatible with different web browsers. On the other side, WordPress is a cross-browser compatible CMS platform that supports all major web browsers which in turn boosts the conversion rate of your site.

5. W3C Validation

W3C validation is a great feature of WordPress that gives a flexibility to create a well-organized and error free website that meets all your requirements. It ensures that your website has been developed according to the World Wide Web norms. Thus, it improves both the performance and the quality of your WordPress site.


Well, these are some of the great advantages of PSD to WordPress conversion service. If you really want to convert your PSD files into well-coded and intriguing WordPress theme, then you need to hire a reliable WordPress development company.

Friday, 2 October 2015

X Theme: Create a Perfect Responsive Website with Ease

x themes

Creating a top-notch website becomes imperative if you want to stay ahead from your competitors in the online World. With the help of handy plugins and themes, you can make your site unique and professional.

In this blog, we will learn how to create a perfect responsive website that is merged with bbPress, Buddypress and other essential plugins to keep your site protected from viruses and spam bots. We will also go through the X Theme for WordPress. It is one of the popular themes for WordPress because of many reasons.

X comes with four, beautifully designed Stacks that you can activate with a single click. X Stacks are also known as WordPress Templates. With the help of stacks, you can begin the designing of your site. All four stacks offer an innovative purpose and will perform their function independently for assorted business models. You can choose any of the stacks as per your business needs.

Four X Theme Stacks are: 

stacks of x theme

1. Integrity

It offers a smooth and clean design that has pinstripe shadowing all around elements and borders all over the layout. It is one of the great stacks as it is best for online marketing type of websites.

2. Renew

Renew provides a flat and sleek design that is unique and focused on functionality and color elements. If you are hunting for a stylish or contemporary design, then you can use this stack. 

3. Icon

It is a minimal design that utilizes unique elements to make it apart from other stacks. Icon is completely focused on imagery and low distraction points. In fact, it looks striking in any layout, but you can use it in either your left header layout, or the sidebar fixed on the right. 

4. Ethos

If your business is based on magazine style layouts, then you can use this stack. Ethos is unique as it displays blog posts and widget content in a stylish way.

Conclusively, these four stacks provide the potential to have Header position as: top fixed, Top static, right and left header positioning. They have the ability to make the X theme an exceptional one when it comes to custom options. X is also improved for speed with every line of code.   
X also offers 40 straightforward shortcodes that can help you to add striking features in your WordPress site. 

Let’s overview the most promising 10 shortcodes:

1. Color Container
2. Killer Buttons
3. Tabs
4. Animated Counters
5. Featured Headlines
6. Social Sharing
7. Text highlighting
8. Promo
9. Table of Content
10. Responsive Light box

And many more. 

X Theme provides Integration with Buddypress, bbPress and a wide range of extensions. This is really important if you want to run a social community on your website. We will go through the exact steps that you need to take to setup the X Theme as a WordPress community and Social Network. X Theme is an essential part even for Wordpress web development as they are pretty useful in marking responsive website.

With a few clicks and easy configurations, you can make your WordPress website perfect for the big leagues. Ultimately, you have the ability to run different forums, friend requests, private messaging, social groups and much more by using the X themes extension add-ons.

With the help of these steps, you will understand how to keep spam bots from registering on your BuddyPress registration page. In fact, you will also learn how to protect your WP multi-site setup with the WP plugins.

X theme offers great features that can help you create a perfect responsive website. In fact, many professional developers recommend X themes for WordPress websites.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Why You Should Opt for Custom WordPress Design?

WordPress is a great CMS and Blogging platform for business websites. Most of the businesses are using WordPress because it is an easy and manageable platform, where one can create an astonishing website instantly. In fact, you can also customize your website according to your needs. But for that, you need to hire a professional designer or developer.

In the past few years, millions of businesses have been purchasing WordPress templates online because they are affordable and quickly provide a befitting website. However, there are several things that are missing with a WordPress template.

Simple and Clean Code

Sometimes, templates you use in your WordPress site do not generate the clean code. It happens because all designers have a different level of experience and professional skills. And, the templates created by less experienced designer may produce the wrong code.

But, if you hire an excellent developer/designer, the code of your website will be much simpler and cleaner. You know that good coding is always beneficial for the search engines and also plays a crucial role, if you want your site to run on all browsers and multiple mobile devices.

Moreover, many users encounter problem with templates that their coding interacts negatively with some plugins. But, with good line of coding, you don’t need to worry because good developers can easily code the way you always want to have. 

It offers Uniqueness 

Using a WordPress template doesn’t mean you are creating a “unique” website because it is tough to tell how many websites are using the same theme. In order, to create a unique image into the web industry, you need to keep yourself ahead from your competitors. Thus, it is important for you to develop a fresh and different website that can leave a great impression on your visitor’s mind.

When you are spending money to develop a custom look site, you need to create something indelible that can last for a long time. With the Wordpress template customization services, you can choose aspects of the design that will fulfill the needs of your visitors, and can add your personality to the design.


Most of the website owners don’t want to spend their money on a custom WordPress design. But, if you want to expand your dimensions, then you need to create an impressive web presence based on the sectors served.
However, every business or site owner wants their website should look extraordinary as it can help them to build a strong reputation in the online market. A website must meet the requirements of the user and for this; you need to customize your site according to those needs.

So, you have to invest your money in creating a well-customized site. If your budget is low, then you can start up with a template.

Your Choices and Preferences

You should have the flexibility to make decisions while designing and developing your website. Here are several examples of things that you can control of:
  • Layouts of Your Home Page
  • How to display images
  • Page to page layouts
  • Blog page layout
  • Custom coding in sidebars
  • Footer displays
  • Contact form options
  • Slider control that includes height, width, speed, text, images, linking from images, etc.
So, we can say that a well-customized website allows you to choose what you want, how you want and what elements you want to add to make it more compelling.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Plugin That Can Help In Cloning WordPress Posts

There may be many reasons for wanting to duplicate a WordPress page or post. Usually, when you create pages that are different in content but have similar structure, then it would be better to duplicate the post and edit the content.

Obviously, it impossible that all content on the website is unique. Most of the time articles, blogs and news have a same pattern of content; in that case there is lots of copy and paste involved. 

cloning wordpress site

In order to deal this situation, there are two different types of WordPress Plugins that will allow the editors to duplicate posts by making few changes they require and quickly publish them. With the help of WP plugins, one can easily improvise the web content and publish it without moving the text from one blog to another. 

The two main WordPress plugins that can help in cloning WP posts are:

1. Clone Post, 

2. Duplicate Post

We will explore these two plugins in detail to help you out while cloning WordPress post.

Clone Post:

clone post

Clone post is a simpler plugin that doesn’t even provide an option page. The only thing you need to do is to install and open it on your WP. It allows you clone posts and pages in your WordPress. 

It will automatically add a “clone” link on all your pages, posts and custom post type listings. By clicking that link, it will copy all items and save it as a draft to abstain duplicate content on the site. 

Duplicate Post:

duplicate post

Duplicate Post plugin is much more compatible solution as it provides rooted level of combination, appearing not only on the index pages but also when you edit the posts or pages. 

A plugin allows cloning (copy and paste) or editing it as a new draft. However, the “Clone” link doesn’t perform the same as with the Clone post plugin. And, this can get muddled on a production ready site and it is better to use “New Draft”

In such situations, the duplicated items in terms of articles, blog post and news will not go live until an editor publishes them after manually changing the content. 

When you choose the “Copy to a new draft” option, the plugin will automatically guide you to the post editor of the duplicated page so that you can do editing right away. 

There is also an expanded setting page in the WP backend that allows administrators to make adjustments in the plugin’s behavior. In fact, you can also customize some parts of a post that are duplicated, including the publish date, post status, custom fields and many more or opt for companies that offer Wordpress customization service

An administrator can add automatic prefixes and suffices to cloned stuffs by preventing the lower level users from viewing the duplication control. 

To an addition, Duplicate post plugin works for all post types, with the compatible functionality. It means that you can clone pages and custom post types to regular old posts. 


With the help of these WordPress plugins, you can simply duplicate the multiple posts and pages and make your web content fresh and unique. They will give you the flexibility to clone your post from some of the different places in your admin panel.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Guide to Add “Click to Tweet” Buttons in WordPress Posts

Click to Tweet

Today, social media platforms are playing a significant role in transmitting the messages and ideas to a large number of people. This platform has influenced many of people to actively participate in circulating or sharing the information to their friends and peers. 

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ websites are the most powerful and popular social media rostrums, where you can promote your website’s content or blog to the multiple web users.

In fact, most of Wordpress customization experts are installing social media plugins to pull social media presence of your site. The main purpose of adding such plugins on WordPress are to leverage more people to share your site content. This increases the chances that the content will go viral and connect more visitors to your site.

Here, we will explore about the Twitter, which is one of the great social media websites that can be used to promote your website post. The capability of 140 characters is stunning, as people show interest to share small notions that can bring revolution in the World. The blogs or articles that you create regularly may contain hidden message or idea. And these small descriptions engage more readers, and also create a curiosity about the topic. 

Most of the readers would like to read the article and try to engulf the main highlights of the content. But to attain this, you need to add a click to tweet box in your WordPress posts. 

Through this post, we will learn about How to install Click to Tweet Boxes in your WordPress Posts. This blog will allow you to add manageable tweet boxes in your posts, enable readers to tweet and upsurge the publicity of both the content and the website. 

We will install the Tweet Boxes in your WordPress posts with the support of Better Click to Tweet WordPress plugin. Well, there are many other plugins for the same but we select Better Click to Tweet because:
  • This plugin supports the latest version of the WordPress 4.2.2.
  • Other tweet plugs are not updated; they are out of date now. 
Obviously, we want to utilize the top-notch plugins that can support the latest version of WordPress and the Better Click to Tweet plugin is a great plugin that can help you promote your website's content to increase productivity.

Steps to Add Click to Tweet Boxes on Your WP Posts

Step1: First, download and install the plugin.

Step 2:
Activate the plugin on your WordPress.

Once completing activation, go to the settings of a plugin.

Step 4:
Then, you can view a twitter handler box. Here, you need to enter the Twitter handler without the sign of @. For example, if your twitter handler is @abc, then only write ‘abc’ into the box. 

Step 5:
Produce a post and add the facile shortcode to absorb the benefits of the Better Click to Tweet Box. 

Step 6:
Well, this is an optional process. If you are feeling unsatisfied with the style of the tweet box, then you can also customize it by editing the plugin CSS that can be viewed at wp-content/plugins/PluginName/assets/CSS/styles.css. 

Note: If you are new to the WordPress, then don’t change the code. In fact, you can hire a professional and experienced WordPress developer who can add this plugin on your WordPress. 

Remember These Things While Using This Plugin

No doubt, this is a great plugin but still it has some limitations that you should consider while adding the Click to tweet buttons in WP posts.

Keep the length of a tweet at 177 characters because of the twitter name and the ability to link back to the post.
To an addition, you can use the URL shortener to control more characters. 

If you are utilizing the visual editor, then you can use the BCTT birdie icon to add the shortcode to upgrade the productivity of your plugin.

A plugin is an open source, which means you can add the desired features to the plugin to make it more compelling and compatible.


In this blog, we have discussed on how to integrate the tweet button in WordPress post. With the help of Better Click to Tweet plugin, you can add this button and publicize your content as well as website.
Now, you can give your WordPress posts and blog a better exposure via Twitter by using the tweet button or you can approach to WordPress development services.

Friday, 3 July 2015

4th of July Celebration: Get 20% Discount by Availing our Ingenious Services

We at WPGeeks going to celebrate the most special day, i.e., the 4th of July with fellow Americans by offering them the flat 20% discount on all our WordPress Development services regardless the cost of the project.

We have emerged as one of the recognized agencies that are delivering the high-quality projects to both large scale, as well as, small scale web agencies and that’s why we are known as the Agency’s agency.

We love to work with web agencies because they bring professionalism and perfection to our work and also allow us to give in-depth information about upgraded technologies. This is one of the main reasons why WPGeeks delivered more than 5,000 projects to the reputed clients and customers in the short span of 5 years.

After completing 5 booming years, we would love to share our happiness by giving away the stupefying discount on this 4th of July celebration on our ample range of services:
  • WordPress Design: We understand the requirements of our customers and thus, we strive to provide the fresh and unique WordPress designs that can meet each of our client’s needs.
  • WordPress E-Commerce Development: WPGeeks has established as one of the trusted WP e-commerce development service providers.
  • WP Maintenance: We provide this service to the solo bloggers or fresher or small scale businesses those have just begun with WP. Our company has designed a well-sorted WP maintenance plan at the very affordable price.
  • HTML to WordPress: Our HTML to WordPress support takes care of all the necessary requirements for soothing compatibility.
  • WordPress Developers: This leading WP development company is offering highly-experienced and professional developers all around the world. You can hire WP developer from us.
  • WP Customization: Our skilled WP developers have the ability to create a mesmerizing and intriguing WP site that can offer boasts of functions.
  • PSD to WordPress: A team of WPGeeks have the talent to transform you PSDs into hand coded, highly customizable and fully-functional WP theme.
We not only offer the WordPress Development Services but transform your dreams into reality. To this addition, we decided to celebrate the 4th of July with the American clients by giving them the jaw-dropping discount on all our services. With this, you can save your money and get your project done at the reasonable price.

If you also want to avail the huge 20 % discount, then contact us or send a request for quote and grab the money saving offer.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Wordpress Errors: A How to Guide to Detect and Fix Them

WordPress is a complete content management system providing a unique platform for your blogging websites. But it has got some inherent issues which might generate errors. These errors might create a panic in you but the essential thing is that they are not singular in nature. Probably there are innumerable numbers of user who already has faced the issue that is bugging you and a proper solution to tackle that particular issue has already been developed and tested.

At WPBeginner, we have articulated different tutorials to solve several WordPress errors. The following article briefly illustrates 14 most commonly faced WordPress errors and how to fix them.
Important: We strongly recommend you to have a scheduled backup system like BackupBuddy. This will automatically keep a backup of your WordPress site. Or else, you can also create Backup manually. We advise you to kindly contact with your WordPress hosting company, in case you fail to resolve any issue. 

1. Fix the Syntax Error in WordPress: While trying to add code snippets into WordPress and missing something accidentally or entering code having incorrect syntax will generate this error.
Parse error - syntax error, unexpected $end in /public_html/site1/wp-content/themes/my-theme/functions.php on line xxx

2. Fix the Internal Server Error in WordPress: “Internal Server Error” or “500 Internal Server Error” is another very common error that users may find in WordPress. This problem is a little bit trickier because the server cannot identify the root cause of the error and the user will have to figure it out. 

3. Fix the Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress: This error clearly states that the website is unable to link to the database. This error is usually generated due to incorrect entering or modification of database credentials. This error is a serious one, as it can even corrupt your entire database. 

4. Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death: White Screen of Death is the whitening of the entire website or certain parts of it is truly a puzzling error that you may face. Without any clue of how and where to resolve this issue, it can become very frustrating for a user. Generally it occurs when a script exhausts PHP memory limit or due to a configuration of the server.

5. Fix WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error: When a user visits a particular post on their site it returns an error message “404-page not found” but he can access all the other sections including the admin part. This is the classic symptom of this problem and generally arises due to errors in the permalink settings of WordPress.

6. Fix the Sidebar below Content Error in WordPress: Sidebar appearing below the content is a major issue that is faced by the WordPress beginners. Disproportionate width in CSS or improper breaking of the theme layout due to accidentally forget to close an HTML div tag or add an extra closing div, while adding code snippets.

7. Fix White Text and Missing Buttons in WordPress Visual Editor: Due to JAVA Script not functioning in the user’s admin area and missing or corrupt TinyMCE files, buttons from the WordPress visual editor disappears or white spaces comes in place of that. Sometimes the error is caused by plugin failures or the clash of plugins related to the TinyMCE files.

8. Repair WordPress Memory Exhausted Error: This error is related to the PHP memory and is often indicated by the White Screen of Death or displayed messages like

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2348617 bytes) in /home/username/public_html/site1/wp-includes/plugin.php on line xxx

This error happens due to exhaustion of allocated memory owing to the scripts and plugins.

9. Locked Out of WordPress Admin: Locked out of the WordPress Admin(wp-admin) can be a very serious problem as it indicates that either you are entering wrong password or some code/plugin in trying to make changes in the admin section. It can also indicate that your WordPress site has been hacked.

10. Fix WordPress Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting Issue: If you are attempting to enter into the WordPress dashboard by login into the website but, you are repeatedly being redirected back to the login page.

It generally happens due to incorrect values of the site and home URL. Find the solution of this problem here.

11. Fix Image Upload Issue in WordPress: Major symptoms of this problem are sudden disappearance of all the images from the website and being replaced by breaking image thumbnails. All the files in the media library appear to be broken and uploading of any new image will result in an error. Different factors are responsible and a particular solution must be found out.
12. Fix Common Image Issues on WordPress: Familiarizing yourself with how WordPress handles media files can be a tricky problem itself. Aligning images, resize and cropping images, or displaying them in different formats can be very confusing and difficult for a novice. It should be kept in mind that this is not an error but just a matter of practice.

13. Fix “Are You Sure You Want to Do This” Error in WordPress: Nonce is special security attributes used for specific URLs only related to admin based operations. But sometimes a plugin or a theme due to some failure may start to use Nonce inappropriately, which results in the User sees the message as an apparent error.

14. Fix Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error in WordPress: This error is generally caused by interrupting or unfinished updates in WordPress. During the updating process your website goes into a maintenance mode and if sudden interruption occurs it remains in that mode. This causes a lockdown situation where both admin and users are restricted to operate the website.

For all of the above problems and errors, you should Hire WordPress Developer or contact any WordPress Development company. WPGeeks Ltd. offers such services for their clients, which not only include customization and custom development but also PSD to WordPress Theme conversion and Reliable HTML to WordPress Conversion services.

We are publishing this post with a hope that it will definitely help you to solve some of the critical issues that you may face while using WordPress. It will be our pleasure to know from you about more issues that is beyond the context of this article. We will definitely try our level best to cover it and provide a solution.

Monday, 18 May 2015

12 Awesome Tools = WordPress - Spam Comments

WordPress being a weblog and not necessarily an eCommerce tool, a fabulous CMS but still has a threat to spam because of its huge installed base. But thankfully with advent of technologies and with time, several ways have come up to combat this problem in WordPress. In this article, we discuss below some of the best tips and tools to overcome this spam problem in WordPress.
  • Don’t follow Comment Links
don't follow comment linkBloggers put plugins in the comment area which has nofollow attribute for the author links, hoping these links to encourage more users to leave comments or feedback. This results to a large number of spam comments. It’s always a bad idea to use plugins that share link via comments. The quality of the blog comes into threat due to such mistakes.
  • Use Cookies
Install Cookies for Comments plugins. This plugin sends users a stylesheet or image files whenever they access a page with comment form. This technique works as most spams are automated scripts and they don’t download any image or stylesheet. Cookies protect our sites from such spams in comment form and identify them as legit users.
  • Activate Akismet
Akismet is one of the most valuable plugin for WordPress and is pre installed. Only activation is necessary using an API key. Without this, spam control in WordPress is almost impossible. Only drawback is that it is too sensitive and sometimes good comments can also be filtered as spam, but no worry. That’s recoverable.
  • Add CAPTCHA Verification
add recaptcha varificationUsing CAPTCHA plugin is a very common tactics nowadays. One can also enable RECAPTCHA challenge on comment form. RECAPTCHA shows an image containing characters can be alpha numeric and the user needs them to type to prove them that they are human. Only drawback of captcha is that it does nothing to prevent sites from manually submitted spam comments.
  • Use Honeypot
Honeypot technology is an effective method to trick spam bots. What one needs to do is to install and activate Spam Fighter. Upon activation, this will result in creating a hidden form in your comments area which is only visible to bots. Since spam bots are usually programmed to fill all fields in a form. If you are still struggling to understand such tools then you can Hire WordPress Developer from WPGeeks who will get things done for you.
  • Comment Form should not contain Website URL field
URL field in comment form attracts spammers as easy mode of spamming. These comments usually contain a line of total irrelevance like any alpha numeric name etc. Removing the URL field from comment form will discourage such nuisance on website.
  • Disable HTML
Disable HTML in comments to discourage links in comments. Use Peter’s Literal comments plugin by installing and activating it. Doing so will pass all HTML through WordPress filters.
  • Disable Comments on Media attachment
Turn off comments on media attachments. WordPress automatically creates image attachment pages where users can see an image and leave a comment. If images are linked to the attachment page, then after some time, one will have lots of image attachment pages with comments enabled to them.
  • Disable Trackbacks
A big portion of spam comment is trackbacks. One would find it in the default article settings under Discussion Settings. One can disable trackback on entire blog or on some post.
  • Use Less annoying Captcha
Users find Captcha annoying and frustrating. Better use a simple maths problem, like addition etc to prove user as human. Install and activate Maths Quiz plugin.  The plugin allows one to choose whether you want a simple plain text quiz or an image based maths quiz.
  • Switch off Comments
The Discussion Settings contain another section called Default article settings. If the checkbox “Allow people to post comments on new articles“ is unchecked, comments on your WordPress site can’t be made. As such no spam can attack.
  • Turn off Comment on old Posts
WordPress enables you to set the comment closure deadline. Check the box next to the option “Automatically close comments on article older than“ under other comments settings and old posts comments can be turned off to save them from comment spams.