Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Guide for Creating a Perfect WordPress Blog

WordPress is an amazing content Management system which allows Internet users to build an online asset quickly and easily. It is widely used by Millions of tech-savvy people and every day, new people are joining. Using WordPress is extremely easy and convenient because it is much better than other CMS platforms and if you do quality SEO (that meets the standards of major search engines), your site is likely to rank well in Google. 

Apart from these basic traits, you can use several plugins for WordPress to make your site better and look engaging for your users. For many people, WordPress Blogging is an amazing hobby and they start their day with it. As a novice blogger, you may have several confusions floating into your mind as how to create a perfect WordPress blog and make it popular. Some useful tips detailed here below will help newbie bloggers as well as other bloggers to get complete advantage of WordPress Blogging:

1. Choose A Web Host

Choosing the best web hosting is one of the key factors of every successful website which can't be overlooked. If you want to make your site popular quickly and increase conversions for your online business, then you need to choose a good hosting for your WordPress website. There are several WordPress hosting options available for you such as Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Managed WordPress hosting. You can choose any one of these according to your budget and requirement. Always keep in mind that a reliable and better web hosting will give your visitors a better user experience and you will have a great readership on your blog and site. Choose a good hosting service that is fast, well secured, tech-supported by experts at all the times.

2. Set Up your hosting Account

To Set up Hosting account Name, Go for the Home page and click “ Sign Up Now”. Now You need to choose domain Name. 

If you already have a domain Name, you can enter that here. If you want to book new domain for your site, you will have to provide following personal information:

Once you have chosen your domain and hosting package, click on the “Next” button to purchase your domain. Once you do it, you have to create a password for your account. Set a strong password for your account. Now install the WordPress. 

3. Unique Idea

The world of Internet is limitless and almost everything is available on it. There are numerous websites that are present online already and thousands other websites go online on a daily basis. So, the competition is very high and you need to present some unique and interesting contents on your websites in order to attract traffic. Always keep in mind that Search engine crawlers works faster than you think and duplicate contents are easily identified by them. If you post copied and irrelevant contents on your site, it will result in poor ranking of your websites in different search engines. Just create unique and informative contents for your targeted users in plain and simple language. Adding Images, videos and links to your contents make your websites a reliable source of information. 

4. Decide your Aim

When you operate websites, you invest lots of time, money and energy and you expect heavy RIO too. When you run a WordPress Website, you should have goals for points mentioned below:

5. Time deadline

When different people work on a website, it becomes important for them to perform their assignments on time and contribute to the project. In order to run your site properly and smoothly, make sure you are following time deadline strictly and responsible persons are performing their assignments very well. Make everyone accountable towards their assignments to run your site smoothly.

5. Determine Your Budget

There are many companies that apply a “do-it-Yourself” strategy to save their money while creating and running a website, but this is not a right approach. Behind a successful website, a lot of factors contribute such as cost of hiring SEOs, content writers, web designers, website security experts, web hosting, future maintenance & updates etc. You need to have good budget to fulfill these requirements for your website. You can change or modify your budget according to your requirements. 

6. Website Design

In today’s tech-savvy world, a website is mandatory for almost all organizations to gain success. There are numerous WordPress development companies that provide same products and services and they compete against each other to grab the maximum share of business available in the market. Therefore, you need to design your website in such a wage that it differentiate yourself from your savvy competitors and make your the first choice of your potential customers.

Your website should have a unique design that reflect your logo, icons, color palette, the imagery, the graphics, etc. An eye-catching website produce a powerful impact on your visitors and help you to generate more leads and revenue. 

7. Smart Selection of WordPress Plugins

There are many WordPress plugins, using which you can incorporate extra functionality into your site and make it more attractive and user-friendly. These plugins offers you access to lots of options on images, contact forms, social media sharing feature, newsletter sign-ups, etc, and customize your website without doing difficult coding. However, you need to choose WordPress plugins carefully as using several plugins on your site will make it slow and increase its bounce rate rapidly. 

8. Suitable Templates

Templates are the most excellent resources for online businesses for the reason that they do coding for you. It is necessary for easy site navigation and simple information architecture. Before selecting a particular template for WordPress, consider some factors such as the format, design, page structure, accessibility of the creator and functionality. It is not necessary that all WordPress templates will suit your specific needs, but you can check them in “live preview” option. You must make sure that the theme you have selected reflects your business very well.

9. Use Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics ( A free web analytics service) to track your visitors who browse your website. This tool helps you to get all information about your site's visitors such as their location, demographics, search methods and more. Just install a plugin on your site that allows you to use Google Analytics on your website and track conversion rate. For this, you need to set up conversation tracking. This will help you to understand the browsing behavior of your targeted customers and make changes in site accordingly. 

10. Preview every element of your WordPress Site

You need to update your site regularly with unique contents and make it viral with the best practices of SEO, SMO, Email marketing, etc, to gain traffic back to your site. In fact, you need to take care of all elements of your website cautiously. This will help you bring loyal customers to your site and will give you adequate feedback and recommendations. 

Important point to Note

Never expect that your new site will perform tremendously and will rank in top 10 in Google and other search engines overnight. If you run your website properly using the above mentioned tips, you can achieve your long-term objectives easily with great ease. Just try to make your site is relevant and recognizable to the World's leading search engines.


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