Monday, 28 December 2015

Are You Struggling To Manage Your HTML Site? Migrate To WordPress Now!

html to wordpress conversion

Earlier, before the invention of WordPress, a popular and flexible Content Management System, websites were developed by compiling static HTML pages together wherein they all had the similar layout, but different content.

But the traditional method of developing a website was not up to the mark. In fact, there were times when styles and scripts were coded with the HTML framework, and this gave way to issues such as slow loading of the site as millions and thousands of same code will be loaded for each and every page.

Therefore, most of the companies (who have HTML websites) are switching their sites to WordPress.
The popularity of WordPress is not hidden from us and through this blog post, we will find out the reasons why people should migrate their traditional HTML site to Wordpress.

1. Develop Websites without Any Coding

WordPress is the easy-to-use content management system that let web user (with least web development knowledge) to develop their own website. It means you can design and develop a website, without generating a single line of code. You can easily add posts and pages, update content; embed images and videos without any technical assistance. Isn’t it cool?

2. Open to Search Engines

WordPress is much better for SEO motive as you will find many SEO plugins for your site which will help you get higher rank in search engines like Google and Bing. And if we compare WordPress with static HTML websites, then you can discover that WordPress is packed with numerous SEO features and functions that will help you increase your online reputation.

WordPress also offers various SEO plugins that will allow you optimize your site for search engines.
Now get higher ranking in Google by developing a site over WordPress.

3. Cost-effective

WordPress allows you to post, publish and update a new content in a website with ease. You can do all the managing work by your own, without hiring any professional web designer and developer –this saves both time and money.

But if you want to convert your existing HTML site into WordPress, then you need to hire a reliable WordPress development company that can offer you HTML to WordPress conversion services at affordable price.

4. Safe and Secure

WordPress offers a strong community support that means hundreds of professional designers and developers develop the system from the documentation to the coding itself. So we can say that WordPress websites are secure enough. In fact, it regularly releases new versions that come with advanced security fixes.

Plus, it offers tons of security plugins that will protect your site from hackers and other malicious activities.

5. It Offers Great Flexibility

Want to integrate social media, or want to add contact forms, registration forms or any other functionality into your site, use WordPress plugins. WordPress offers millions of useful plugins that will help you extend the functionality of your site, without any coding.

To an addition, it also comes with tons of beautiful and attractive themes that will give a fresh, crisp and appealing look to your site. You can change the design of your site in few minutes.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Converting PSD to WordPress Theme is The Best Option for You

psd to wp conversion
A Content Management System basically allows a web user to manage their content in a well-structured environment. With this, you can create and modify your website where you can store and display all your documents, images, videos and other related content in an organized way.

From the last few years, WordPress has emerged as the most powerful Content Management System across the web world. It empowers you to create and develop a fresh and new website with ease. In fact, most of the companies are making the use of WordPress to create a fully-functional e-commerce website that in turn boosted the popularity of PSD to WordPress conversion.

It is an ideal platform for those who want to convert their PSD file into a fully-fledged WordPress website. If you are not familiar with this topic then you should read this blog post.

Today, we will share the advantages associated with the PSD to WordPress conversion in this blog post.

The advantages of converting PSD to WordPress:

1. It Doesn’t Require Any Technical Knowledge 

If you are new into the web development industry and scared of using WordPress then let me tell you that WordPress is open source software that allows you to create and develop a website, without any coding. This means you can update, customize and delete your site’s content, without any technical knowledge or assistance.

2. An Immense Collection of Plugins and Themes

Apart from a user-friendly feature, WordPress also offers a huge inventory of plugins and themes (both free and paid) that can help you build a highly-interactive website easily and quickly. With the use of plugins, you can extend the functionality of your site (you can easily integrate additional functions such as social media icon, contact form, registration form, and more into your site).

And WordPress themes allow you to enhance the beauty of your site that can help you get attention and establish your unique identity in the web world.

3. SEO Friendliness 

Most of the people are converting PSD file to WordPress website because the codes written in WordPress sites are simple, clear and easily accessible by the search engine crawlers.
No doubt PSD files can easily drive the viewer’s attention, but it cannot be accessed by search engine crawlers.

 But by converting it to WordPress, you can ensure that each and every code is properly written in your site. It also offers various compelling SEO plugins that can help you increase your online presence.

4. Cross-browser Compatibility

One of the biggest disadvantages of PSD file is that they are heavy and incompatible with different web browsers. On the other side, WordPress is a cross-browser compatible CMS platform that supports all major web browsers which in turn boosts the conversion rate of your site.

5. W3C Validation

W3C validation is a great feature of WordPress that gives a flexibility to create a well-organized and error free website that meets all your requirements. It ensures that your website has been developed according to the World Wide Web norms. Thus, it improves both the performance and the quality of your WordPress site.


Well, these are some of the great advantages of PSD to WordPress conversion service. If you really want to convert your PSD files into well-coded and intriguing WordPress theme, then you need to hire a reliable WordPress development company.