Monday, 3 August 2015

Plugin That Can Help In Cloning WordPress Posts

There may be many reasons for wanting to duplicate a WordPress page or post. Usually, when you create pages that are different in content but have similar structure, then it would be better to duplicate the post and edit the content.

Obviously, it impossible that all content on the website is unique. Most of the time articles, blogs and news have a same pattern of content; in that case there is lots of copy and paste involved. 

cloning wordpress site

In order to deal this situation, there are two different types of WordPress Plugins that will allow the editors to duplicate posts by making few changes they require and quickly publish them. With the help of WP plugins, one can easily improvise the web content and publish it without moving the text from one blog to another. 

The two main WordPress plugins that can help in cloning WP posts are:

1. Clone Post, 

2. Duplicate Post

We will explore these two plugins in detail to help you out while cloning WordPress post.

Clone Post:

clone post

Clone post is a simpler plugin that doesn’t even provide an option page. The only thing you need to do is to install and open it on your WP. It allows you clone posts and pages in your WordPress. 

It will automatically add a “clone” link on all your pages, posts and custom post type listings. By clicking that link, it will copy all items and save it as a draft to abstain duplicate content on the site. 

Duplicate Post:

duplicate post

Duplicate Post plugin is much more compatible solution as it provides rooted level of combination, appearing not only on the index pages but also when you edit the posts or pages. 

A plugin allows cloning (copy and paste) or editing it as a new draft. However, the “Clone” link doesn’t perform the same as with the Clone post plugin. And, this can get muddled on a production ready site and it is better to use “New Draft”

In such situations, the duplicated items in terms of articles, blog post and news will not go live until an editor publishes them after manually changing the content. 

When you choose the “Copy to a new draft” option, the plugin will automatically guide you to the post editor of the duplicated page so that you can do editing right away. 

There is also an expanded setting page in the WP backend that allows administrators to make adjustments in the plugin’s behavior. In fact, you can also customize some parts of a post that are duplicated, including the publish date, post status, custom fields and many more or opt for companies that offer Wordpress customization service

An administrator can add automatic prefixes and suffices to cloned stuffs by preventing the lower level users from viewing the duplication control. 

To an addition, Duplicate post plugin works for all post types, with the compatible functionality. It means that you can clone pages and custom post types to regular old posts. 


With the help of these WordPress plugins, you can simply duplicate the multiple posts and pages and make your web content fresh and unique. They will give you the flexibility to clone your post from some of the different places in your admin panel.


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