Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Top Benefits of Opting for WordPress Development

There’s no shortage of articles across the internet which supposedly tell you what to stand to gain from custom WordPress development.

This post isn’t like them. 

Instead of raving on about the ‘SEO benefits’ and ‘responsive design’ and ‘cross-platform compatibility’, which, let’s face it, are standards features you can get from thousands of good themes and plugins, this post will seek to come straight to the point.

What exactly do you as a business/agency owner stand to gain from bespoke WordPress solutions?

What “Custom WordPress Development” means:

To clear some notions; WordPress development usually includes one or both of the following:
  • Custom Theme Development
Editing/rewriting the code of your existing theme or creating a custom theme from scratch
  • Custom Plugin Development
Installing/implementing existing plugins (free or premium), editing the code in those plugins so for error-free performance, and creating a custom plugin from scratch

WordPress customization is for creating a website that you want, without errors and issues. That translates to remodeling the look, feel, and functionalities.

There are additional services your WordPress development company could provide. None of them would include “conversion rate optimization”, “competition assessment”, “better content” etc. Those are nothing but meaningless rehashing of your business goals which a development company will have nothing to do with anyway.

WordPress customization: A Metaphor

So instead of buying a suit from, say, Walmart, you are getting a ‘tailor-made’ suit created specifically for your ‘measurements’.

Here’s where it gets interesting: You are the one who has to create a strategy for online success; the development company only implements it on your website. Basically: The developers will lead the horse to water, but you’ll have to make it drink.

Benefit of WordPress Development:

You get exactly what you pay for; nothing more, nothing less.

Although WordPress can be customized with themes and plugins, a vast majority of them are created to appeal to a broad range of users for simple commercial viability. Let me give you an example:

Example: Suppose you want to integrate the live chat feature on your website, and for the same ends you find a plugin you like. You will then need to see if it has:
  • Required features: Less means it’s not of use to you, More means it’s needlessly complicated
  • Payment Plans that don’t put a strain on your pocket
  • Team-player: Only after you have bought, installed, and run the plugin will you know if it’s even compatible with the rest of your site
You bypass all those considerations with a custom solution: Same functionality, components with those features that you specify and need, and it’s made to be compatible with your WordPress setup.

Scalability, performance, SEO-benefits, and everything else are just icing on the cake. You shouldn’t have to be reminded of those. WordPress packs these ‘features’, it’s only fair that your solutions pack these too without you having to ask for them.


To adapt a website to your needs, not the other way around: Custom WordPress Development solves problems that are specific to you.


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