Thursday, 2 November 2017

Top 3 Tools For HTML to WordPress Theme Conversion

Amid rapidly increasing demand for professionally designed, attractive, and appealing websites, passion for HTML websites seems to have faded away. All those people who are involved in the web-based business wants to earn the maximum with low investment. So, they tend to have fully-functional and awesome websites so that visitors can easily find the desired information and give more business opportunities as return visitors.

Creating a new website may not be a viable option for many individuals due to the restricted budget, limited resources/staff for website operation and maintenance, etc. So, what such individuals should do to bring their websites on the WordPress platform? They must resort to HTML To WordPress Theme Conversion without having any second thought in mind.

As a matter of fact, HTML to WordPress theme conversion is a process to convert HTML websites into WordPress sites. By doing so, you can easily revamp your site, give it a new look, add new functionalities and features as per your needs, and run it smoothly with less effort and investment.

Most of the web developers reel under the pressure of creating high-quality WordPress websites one after another. The chances of fatal errors get increased if you work under stress and fail to cope-up with increasing pressure from your clients? Do you want to increase your work efficiency while converts HTML websites to WordPress? If yes, then check out 3 important tools mentioned below:

1. HTML To WordPress Converter

It's a premium WordPress plugin you can download from Codecanyon simply by paying $16 to the developer. It helps you to convert the HTML interface to WordPress easily. It can determine the compositions sidebar, menu, header, and footer, helping you to create a marvelous WordPress theme without any difficulty. When you convert HTML to WordPress using this plugin, you are supposed to put the tags around content in HTML files as per your specific needs. So, you need to have a sound command over HTML to use this plugin properly.

2. Theme Matcher

Theme Matcher is a boon for all those individuals who want to migrate their HTML sites to the WordPress platform without editing any code or seeking someone's help. You just have to enter your site, choose the appropriate area, and you are done. It extracts images, styles, and layout from your existing website and creates the basic WordPress theme easily. Always keep in mind that it doesn't help you to create site menus. So, you have to do the rest of the work yourself after taking your HTML website to the WordPress platform.

3. CMS2CMS: Automated HTML To WordPress Content Migration

Every ardent digital marketing expert knows the huge importance of quality content. In fact, your survival in the web-based business depends on the quality content you publish on your website regularly to attract the targeted audience.

If your website has too many contents, its migration to a new platform becomes a problem. If you want to take all of your content (of HTML website) to WordPress easily and smoothly, just use this plugin. It helps you to main the SEO ranking of your website on all major search engines even after migration. The plugin also helps in Migration of keywords, metadata/meta description, and 301 redirects from existing HTML website to a new WordPress site.

Final Words:

These 3 tools make it easier for the WordPress developers to perform the HTML to WordPress theme conversion easily and create error-free WordPress sites one after another.


Thursday, 5 October 2017

Benefits of Converting PSD to WordPress Theme for Business Websites

A good number of young people turn to entrepreneurship and self-employment. In order to promote their business easily and quickly & make the desired progress, they need professional and well-designed business websites.

In recent years, a lot of new development took place in the world of the global Internet. Today's tech-savvy people love to visit responsive, well-designed, and professional websites. On the other hand, as the competition in business is increasing rapidly, traditional HTML websites can't help you to meet your specific business goals. You need a well-designed and exquisite business website to make your presence felt on the web, allowing you to get the potential clients and business opportunities.

So, there is a rush among existing business website owners. They want to take their existing websites to WordPress. The availability of the Best PSD to WordPress services has facilitated entrepreneurs to have appealing and eye-pleasing business websites easily and quickly. Just have a look at the main benefits of the conversion of PSD files to WordPress theme for business websites:

1. Rapid Acquisition Of New Business Opportunities

All entrepreneurs start websites with a definite goal in mind. When you launch your business website and generate business through it, you feel the need of website renovation after some years. It is necessary to keep the existing users interested in your brand and seek the attention of new clients/customers.

When you revamp your website and keep it as per the website building and optimization guidelines of Google, it is displayed prominently in the SERPs of Google and other search engines. This will help you to get more traffic to your website and generate leads/sales in quick succession.

2. A Sharp Cut In Website Operational Cost

Always keep in mind that running a fully-fledged business website demands the continuous injections of funds for the purchase of software, antivirus, Add-ons, remuneration of different professionals, hosting fees, domain charges, etc. All these make a big hole in your budget and diminish the return on investment significantly.

But, when you take your website to WordPress, you save lots of money. There are lots of free themes and plugins. You can use them to run and manage your business website successfully without seeking the help of different professionals. It helps you to save your hard-earned money and increase profits substantially.

3. Better Content Presentation Options

Traditional HTML websites have limited options to present content on the web and make the required changes later on. Being a leading CMS, WordPress gives you several options to create, edit, optimize, and publish content on the web and leave your business rivals behind.

Beautifully presented content has the potential to catch the maximum eyeballs, float prominently the SERPs of all major search engines, and give you the maximum business opportunities. Have a look at some excellent WordPress plugin which helps digital marketing professionals a lot to implement a content marketing without any fail:

WordPress Plugins with Main functions

Spinkx Content Marketing: A complete content marketing plugin, multiple uses.

Editorial Calendar: Informs you about the important tasks of content marketing to be done on certain days.

MyCurator Content Curation: Helps you to create SEO-optimized and user-centric content.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP): To display the related post to visitors based on their current entries.

Listly (Listicles For WordPress): Boosts user's engagement with popular content available on your website.

4. Easy Brand Building For Return Business

Tech-savvy people use different search engines to look for products and services online. They visit websites hardly up to 1-10 pages of search engine results to get the required info. Always keep in mind that the ranking of websites keeps fluctuating in the SERPs of search engines depending on the SEO exercise done by the digital marketing professionals. So, it is possible that a website which appears on the first page of Google may slide down in its result on some other day.

Always remember that Google and other search engines prefer websites that are frequently updated in terms of design, content uploading, implementation of various SEO tricks, etc. So, when you take your old website to WordPress with a new look and appropriate customization, it is preferred by all leading search for showing results to visitors with all important key terms related to your business. It gives you a lot of return business and chances to increase revenues substantially.

5. Ease of use

WordPress websites are easier to build, customize, and manage. You can run WordPress sites easily without having any knowledge of different programming languages. So, even Non-technical individuals can operate WordPress sites easily with the help of WordPress plugins, themes, shortcodes, etc. Nevertheless, if you know the basics of the PHP, JS, and CSS, it helps you a lot while operating WordPress sites.

6. Scalability Features

When your business expands, you need to add more features and functionalities to your website to meet the growing demands of your clients and customers easily. Expanding a traditional HTML website is a headache for Non-coders. But, you can easily add new features and functionalities to your website using WordPress Plugins. Moreover, WordPress supports the multisite feature. It means you can create and run multiple WordPress sites from one WordPress installation. It helps you a lot to cater the needs of millions of clients/customers with a low investment (on website creation and operation).

Final Words:

PSD to WordPress conversion brings several benefits for your web-based business. Just take your existing website to the WordPress and reap its huge benefits for the rapid development of your business in all directions.


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

You Need To Know: Common Responsive Design Mistakes

As the use of different mobile devices is dominating the Internet search, individuals involved in the web-based businesses need to adopt the responsive web design (RWD) approach to give the best website browsing experience over computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. When the responsive website design is implemented, a lot of mistakes take place. If you don't sort out those mistakes sooner, they can affect the performance of your site badly. In this article, main responsive design mistakes and their solutions are highlighted. Just go through them and implement that in your RWD projects.

1. Desktop First Approach

In spite of the rapidly increasing use of different mobile devices for Internet surfing, there are many web developers who are still creating websites with desktop users' needs first. They adjust the website for a responsive design later. But, one must know that following such a step would require you to do lots of work and chances of mistakes are higher. It will kill lots of your precious time too.


As 57% of traffic comes from smartphones and tablets, you must design websites with mobile first and desktop second approach. This will allow you to address the needs of both mobile/ desktop users and create ample business opportunities easily.

2. Neglecting the UI/UX factors

In short, UX and UI factors make it easier for visitors to use website easily and comfortably. Website designers give a great importance to these two factors when they create websites for desktop users. But, while adjusting websites for a RWD, they neglect UI/UX factors completely. It may repel mobile visitors away if they feel problems while using your site.


Implement the necessary UX/UI features on your website without any fail. If you are doing this for WordPress websites, wordpress theme customization services will act as a helping hand for you.

3. Neglecting The Speed Factor

Website loading speed matters a lot in the web-based business. Today's tech-savvy people want everything to be fast and smooth. When they try to access your site, they expect it to load in the smallest possible time. If your website is slow, they will stop visiting it and switch to its alternative without making any delay. So, there is no benefit of having a great with advanced functionalities if it is slow.


There are many ways you can make your website fast. Just take those steps and make sure that your website or its pages load quickly on all devices.

4. Navigational Problem

Most of the people easily view all the navigational items when they browse websites on a desktop. However, if you implement all navigational items to mobile users, this can drive visitors away from your site. Always keep in mind that mobile devices have limited space.


Display only the most important navigational items. Hide all least relevant items in the main navigation bar. You can use sings (such as “+” or “-”) to hide the navigation items. Visitors can expand or contact the navigation menu easily by clicking on them. Make sure that visitors don't face navigational issues while visiting your site through mobile devices. Eliminate unnecessary links to keep your site simple and appealing.

5. Hiding Content From Users

In order to eliminate a number of constraints, many website owners hide some important components of content for mobile users, such as third-party scripts, data tables, heavy features, complicated elements, background images etc. If visitors find any difference between the content displayed on your desktop version and mobile version of your site, they lose trust in your brand. This results in the poor performance of your site.


Try to keep your content precise and straightforward. Website developers should keep the SEO element in mind while creating sites and eliminate unwanted elements, allowing mobile users to get all the required information easily.

6. Inappropriate Call to Action Buttons

Call to action buttons are necessary for the success of websites. It encourages visitors to take actions, such as buying products and services, registering for submission of comments, downloading of E-products, reading useful content, etc. When developers try to create a mobile-friendly website, they have to display everything into the small screen. As a result, they keep the Call to Action buttons small. Small sized CTA buttons make people press wrong buttons which may displease them instantly. Such unhappy visitors don't buy anything from you and leave your site instantly.


Don't ignore the huge importance of CTA buttons. Keep their sizes at appropriate levels and attach them properly on your site. Well-placed CTA buttons contribute a lot to the overall usability of the website and help its owner to generate ample business opportunities.

7. Not Enough Testing

Before making a website live, developers have to test it for a number of factors, such as compatibility with all leading web browsers, multiple operating systems, UX/UI problems, navigational issues, loading speed, etc. Most of the entrepreneurs don't test their website for these vital tests. As a result, they face lots of problems when it goes online, like negative feedback from visitors, lower ranking in search engine results, etc.


When you resort to an RWD, just test your website for all these factors. This will help you to eliminate errors from your site and make it ready for mobile visitors. You should conduct A/B testing to know which version of your site is more beneficial for users and you too.

Final Words:

While working on WordPress web design services, web developers make a number of mistakes. These silly blunders can ruin websites if those mistakes are not corrected on a priority basis. These are the top 6 RWD mistakes with their solutions. Just keep them in mind and pave the way for success coming in your way.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Top 10 Syntax Highlighter Plugins For WordPress

Every coder follows the standard coding practice to add amazing features to websites/blogs and make them more functional. Are you a new coder? Do you want to add nice looking code snippets in WordPress sites without any difficulty? If yes, you can easily do this with the help of Syntax highlighter plugins. Using these plugins, you can easily customize the codes and add them to your websites/blogs/articles. There are many Syntax highlighter plugins. Have a look at top 10 options:

1. Enlighter


Enlighter is an easy-to-use syntax highlighting plugin, which allows you to perform full WordPress visual editor integration on both the back-end and front-end of your site easily and quickly and meet all needs of your clients/customers when it comes to offer all-inclusive WordPress web design services. This plugin is built with PHP and makes use of MooTools (Javascript) based EnlighterJS to give you a beautiful code-appearance. It comes with a Theme-Customize. You can use it to customize the built-in themes without any CSS knowledge and give your website a fresh look. It supports the automatic creation of tab-panes which display code-groups together, such as html+css+js. 

2. WP Code Highlight.js

WP Code Highlight.js is a W3C valid code highlighting plugin, which comes with numerous options, such as displaying line numbers, “code button” in the post editor. Using this plugin, you can easily Wrap code blocks with <pre> and </pre> and add them to articles using a code button(HTML editor). Based on your needs, you can also put line numbers in your code. The plugin can load wp-code-highlight.css from current WordPress theme directory and is fully compatible with wp-syntax style. So, it's a good plugin for coders. 

3. WP-Syntax



WP-Syntax offers clean syntax highlighting using GeSHi which supports a good number of popular languages. It also supports highlighting with or without line numbers and maintains formatting while copying snippets of code from the browser without any hassle. Furthermore, it shuns collision with 3rd party plugins easily by running an early pre-filter and a late post-filter that substitutes and pulls the code snippets out at first. After some times, it pushes them back with highlighting at the end. As a result, the source code is formatted and highlighted.

4. Smart Syntax

When you use the Smart Syntax plugin on your website, it automatically adds Google prettify syntax highlighting to the fenced code blocks in both content and comments. The plugin is created by keeping the Jetpack markdown in mind. Therefore, it fetches the power of markdown extra to WordPress websites and facilitates you to have an easy-to-use markdown syntax for fenced code blocks.

5. CodeColorer

As clear with its name, this plugin highlights the code snippets in a post. As a matter of fact, it makes use of the eSHi highlight system and supports all important languages. It highlights syntax in RSS feeds, comments, and line numbers. It has various color themes, such as Railscasts, Vibrant Ink, Twilight, Slush & Poppies, Blackboard, Dawn, and Mac Classic. Right now, the plugin is available in 25 + important languages. 

6. AH Code Highlighter


If you want to maintain simplicity on your website, then you can use this plugin. It supports MySql, Xml, Mathml, Clike, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Apache, Http, Sess, Lass, Markdown, and Nginx. Just install and activate the plugin on your website and start wrapping code snippets in the documented <pre> tags. 

7. Prismatic


This plugin gives you 3 options to display code: Prism.js, Highlight.js and Plain. The first two make use of their own respective libraries and the third one displays code without any syntax highlighting. Here, you can customize the code as per your needs using the plugin. This lightweight plugin loads only CSS/JS when you need that. 

8. HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter

HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter is an appropriate plugin for anyone who wants to improve the WordPress Post/Page Editor and highlight code in the back end areas of websites. The best thing about this plugin is that it not only highlights code but also restore your cursor position after a page reload, which abolishes a common pet peeve.

9. EnlighterJS


EnlighterJS is an easy-to-use and beneficial syntax highlighting plugin developed for MooTools. By using this plugin, you can easily add a single script and style to your website and choose all the elements you wish to highlight. The plugin will do the rest of the works to highlight the elements. You need to add the data-enlighter-language attribute if you want to specify the programming language

<pre data-enlighter-language="js">
...some js code to highlight..

Always keep in mind that EnlighterJS requires MooTools.Core >= 1.4.5.

10. Prism.js

Prism.js is an extensible syntax highlighter plugin, which is built with modern web standards. Almost all modern websites use it. Using this plugin, you can do all styling in your site with the help of CSS. It can be done with sensible class names, such as .comment, .string, .property etc. You have the option to choose from 7 available themes. 

Final Words:

Coders use different tools and Syntax highlighters to do the coding as per the prescribed standards and make websites more appealing and lively. These are top 10 Syntax highlighter plugins using which you can place with the coding easily and enhance the user experience up to a great extent. You may think of Hiring a WordPress developer if you have problems to use these plugins or understand their functionalities.


Friday, 2 December 2016

Magento vs. WordPress: Best CMS for eCommerce Website

With the abundance of eCommerce platforms, online merchants and E-retailers find themselves in indecisive scenario wherein they seem confused and become unable to choose the right e-commerce platform for their online business. As operating an online business craves for a considerable sum of investment, patience, regular vigilance on the development of new trends in the industry, constant website updating, etc, people involved in online business always want to stay ahead of their competitors and multiply their ROI with the consistent procession of time.    

When you look for feasible options to develop an eCommerce website, WordPress and Magento, appear as two prominent platforms. Both of them are open source platforms and have the utmost efficiency to increase the revenues, but it is really a challenging task to decide which one is ideal one for your eCommerce business. Therefore, you need to read out a comparison between WordPress and Magento carefully and then take decision accordingly:

Basics of WordPress and Magento:

  • WordPress

WordPress is an open source publishing tool and Content Management System and was invented on May 27, 2003 by Matt Mullenweg. Currently, 76.5 Millions people are actively using this popular CMS and its overall contribution to the Global Internet is 26%. It gets installed quickly and is affordable for bloggers and website owners because they can maintain it themselves easily. It has a healthy market share of 58.9% and is quite popular among tech-savvy people, bloggers, site owners,online business operators, etc.
  • Magento

Megento is an open source content management system & feature-rich eCommerce platform, invented on March 31, 2008 by Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner. Presently, 501,036 people are using it actively and it powers around 1.3%websites available on the internet. You can install is easily. When you use this platform as E-commerce, you need the assistance of an Expert magento Developer to perform you works easily and smoothly which cost you some money. It has a market share of 2.7% and is 5 years junior to WordPress in age.

What is the goal of your website?

Although both platforms are content management systems, but it's crystal clear that Magento was created especially for E-commerce. Its functionality is created for business and selling products and services. If you want to sell products, then you should use Magento. If your aim is to just post contents on blogs/websites to generate traffic and monetize them, then you must go for WordPress.

Major Similarities between WordPress and Magento:

  • SEO Friendly

Both WordPress and Magento are SEO-friendly platforms and users have a great chance to increase the visibility of their E-commerce stores in the SERPs of Google. These two platforms are built with clean code and permit users to optimize their websites very well for better ranking and high traffic.

A lot of options for customization

Both Magento and WordPress allow users to control their websites completely. Users can control their site's contents as well as their look and functions. Generally, E-commerce stores allow their users to change only specific aspects of their store's aesthetics. But, when you use Magento and WordPress, you can easily change and customize your store and display it in the way you want. You can use a wide range of plugins for both these two platforms to expand your E-commerce store and make it suitable for the needs of your customers.
  • Open source

Both Magento and WordPress are open source platforms, which allows you to download, install, modify easily and quickly. These two platforms are maintained and assisted by committed communities comprising users and web developers. These communities toil hard at all the times to update the platforms and help other users when they have issues while using these platforms.

Comparisons between Magento and WordPress

  • Usability

WordPress is Easier to use and you can run your store smoothly. Knowledge of complex technical coding is not required for developing a WordPress website. Magento is also user-friendly, but many people face problems while using it. It happens because it is developed for high skilled web developers with advanced technical knowledge. If you are not comfortable with this, don't use it otherwise you will always require the assistance of an experienced Magento expert.
  • Blogging

WordPress is a multi-purpose content management system, ideal for blogging and content management. A clear advantage over Magento in terms of Blogging. Magento is also a powerful CMS, but WordPress beats it when it comes to the flow of post maintained on the site.
  • Inventory management

When it comes to inventory management,WordPress is not as useful as Magento In terms of E-commerce functionality. If you want to accumulate only a small number of Stock keeping units (under 100), then use WordPress, otherwise you will face problems. Magento is ideal for amassing thousands of stock keeping units on your site because it allows you to add numerous products and categories and integrate them with POS system in case you have an offline store also. It is ideal for eCommerce business.

Availability of options to customize your website

WordPress is highly customizable with the availability of pre-made themes and plugins available. But, you may require the help of experienced WordPress professionals to give your site a professional look. Magento has Lots of customization options . Making use of Magento Extensions to improve the functionality of your site. You may require the assistance of a professional Magento developer for giving your site a professional and business look.

Final Thoughts

Which one is Good For E-commerce?

Online merchants who have serious budget constraints and want to operate a small business , should go for WordPress. All those E-retailers who wish to run multiple stores within a single Admin interface and have various products and services for sale, must opt for Magento.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Guide for Creating a Perfect WordPress Blog

WordPress is an amazing content Management system which allows Internet users to build an online asset quickly and easily. It is widely used by Millions of tech-savvy people and every day, new people are joining. Using WordPress is extremely easy and convenient because it is much better than other CMS platforms and if you do quality SEO (that meets the standards of major search engines), your site is likely to rank well in Google. 

Apart from these basic traits, you can use several plugins for WordPress to make your site better and look engaging for your users. For many people, WordPress Blogging is an amazing hobby and they start their day with it. As a novice blogger, you may have several confusions floating into your mind as how to create a perfect WordPress blog and make it popular. Some useful tips detailed here below will help newbie bloggers as well as other bloggers to get complete advantage of WordPress Blogging:

1. Choose A Web Host

Choosing the best web hosting is one of the key factors of every successful website which can't be overlooked. If you want to make your site popular quickly and increase conversions for your online business, then you need to choose a good hosting for your WordPress website. There are several WordPress hosting options available for you such as Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Managed WordPress hosting. You can choose any one of these according to your budget and requirement. Always keep in mind that a reliable and better web hosting will give your visitors a better user experience and you will have a great readership on your blog and site. Choose a good hosting service that is fast, well secured, tech-supported by experts at all the times.

2. Set Up your hosting Account

To Set up Hosting account Name, Go for the Home page and click “ Sign Up Now”. Now You need to choose domain Name. 

If you already have a domain Name, you can enter that here. If you want to book new domain for your site, you will have to provide following personal information:

Once you have chosen your domain and hosting package, click on the “Next” button to purchase your domain. Once you do it, you have to create a password for your account. Set a strong password for your account. Now install the WordPress. 

3. Unique Idea

The world of Internet is limitless and almost everything is available on it. There are numerous websites that are present online already and thousands other websites go online on a daily basis. So, the competition is very high and you need to present some unique and interesting contents on your websites in order to attract traffic. Always keep in mind that Search engine crawlers works faster than you think and duplicate contents are easily identified by them. If you post copied and irrelevant contents on your site, it will result in poor ranking of your websites in different search engines. Just create unique and informative contents for your targeted users in plain and simple language. Adding Images, videos and links to your contents make your websites a reliable source of information. 

4. Decide your Aim

When you operate websites, you invest lots of time, money and energy and you expect heavy RIO too. When you run a WordPress Website, you should have goals for points mentioned below:

5. Time deadline

When different people work on a website, it becomes important for them to perform their assignments on time and contribute to the project. In order to run your site properly and smoothly, make sure you are following time deadline strictly and responsible persons are performing their assignments very well. Make everyone accountable towards their assignments to run your site smoothly.

5. Determine Your Budget

There are many companies that apply a “do-it-Yourself” strategy to save their money while creating and running a website, but this is not a right approach. Behind a successful website, a lot of factors contribute such as cost of hiring SEOs, content writers, web designers, website security experts, web hosting, future maintenance & updates etc. You need to have good budget to fulfill these requirements for your website. You can change or modify your budget according to your requirements. 

6. Website Design

In today’s tech-savvy world, a website is mandatory for almost all organizations to gain success. There are numerous WordPress development companies that provide same products and services and they compete against each other to grab the maximum share of business available in the market. Therefore, you need to design your website in such a wage that it differentiate yourself from your savvy competitors and make your the first choice of your potential customers.

Your website should have a unique design that reflect your logo, icons, color palette, the imagery, the graphics, etc. An eye-catching website produce a powerful impact on your visitors and help you to generate more leads and revenue. 

7. Smart Selection of WordPress Plugins

There are many WordPress plugins, using which you can incorporate extra functionality into your site and make it more attractive and user-friendly. These plugins offers you access to lots of options on images, contact forms, social media sharing feature, newsletter sign-ups, etc, and customize your website without doing difficult coding. However, you need to choose WordPress plugins carefully as using several plugins on your site will make it slow and increase its bounce rate rapidly. 

8. Suitable Templates

Templates are the most excellent resources for online businesses for the reason that they do coding for you. It is necessary for easy site navigation and simple information architecture. Before selecting a particular template for WordPress, consider some factors such as the format, design, page structure, accessibility of the creator and functionality. It is not necessary that all WordPress templates will suit your specific needs, but you can check them in “live preview” option. You must make sure that the theme you have selected reflects your business very well.

9. Use Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics ( A free web analytics service) to track your visitors who browse your website. This tool helps you to get all information about your site's visitors such as their location, demographics, search methods and more. Just install a plugin on your site that allows you to use Google Analytics on your website and track conversion rate. For this, you need to set up conversation tracking. This will help you to understand the browsing behavior of your targeted customers and make changes in site accordingly. 

10. Preview every element of your WordPress Site

You need to update your site regularly with unique contents and make it viral with the best practices of SEO, SMO, Email marketing, etc, to gain traffic back to your site. In fact, you need to take care of all elements of your website cautiously. This will help you bring loyal customers to your site and will give you adequate feedback and recommendations. 

Important point to Note

Never expect that your new site will perform tremendously and will rank in top 10 in Google and other search engines overnight. If you run your website properly using the above mentioned tips, you can achieve your long-term objectives easily with great ease. Just try to make your site is relevant and recognizable to the World's leading search engines.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Advantages of Converting HTML to WordPress Website

The success of a company largely depends on its website. If a company is available online, their customers and potential customers are engaged on the Internet even if it doesn't perform well at its physical store. That is why, most of the companies get their websites made in order to expand their business rapidly with their online presence.

html to wordpress

Most of the websites are created using HMTL code. Actually, HTML is the markup language used to display web pages and you need to hire an expert web developer to create an HTML website for your business. Apart from creating websites, you need to update it regularly with new contents that provide the latest information about your business activities. All these cost you a considerable amount of money and you tend to go for an affordable option as soon as possible. 

Many times, it happens that your decision to stick with HTML doesn't reward you with ROI. In that unfavorable scenario, you can think of changing your HTML website to WordPress without having any doubt in Mind.

As a matter of fact, WordPress is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) that powers around 24% of the entire Internet with intense adaptability and user-friendliness. Have a look at the key advantages of changing HTML to WordPress Website detailed here below:

1. WordPress is affordable

As soon as you convert your HTML website, it comes under your content. Now, you don't need to hire a costly web developers/ web firms to update content on your website. You can easily make changes in your website and publish new content yourself. It helps you to save a lot of money and you no longer require someone’s help to deal with technical issues while posting articles, photos, or videos on your website.

2. Free WordPress Themes

Free WordPress themes help website developers to understand WordPress coding standard and best practices in an easy way and they become able to operate site's content proficiently that attracts huge traffic in a short span of time. 

3. Free WordPress Plugins

There are lots of free and useful WordPress plugins that expand the functionality of a WordPress website and tailor it to serve a wide variety of website purposes.

4. High Ranking in SERP of different search engines

In order to generate sales, a website has to compete several other websites( that provide same knowledge) and rank up in SERP of different search engines. As WordPress is SEO friendly, Search engine crawlers are able to read out and index the content of WordPress websites in an easy way. A number of settings and plugins offered by WordPress can be utilized to improve Search Engine Optimization easily. 

5. Enhancement of Social media traffic

Different social Media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Plus+, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, Reddit, Snapchat, WhatsApp, StumbleUpon, etc, help you establish your brand in the crowd of numerous silimar companies and you become able to gain new customers to make progress in your business. When you update your WordPress website, it automatically gets shared on different social media forums and you get traffic in bulk and increased conversion. 

6. Automatic updates

WordPress allows you to schedule your post when you have to publish many contents. When you schedule your post on your WordPress site, it automatically gets published on the fixed time and keeps your users engaged at all the times. 

7. Security

As WordPress offers several free security plugins, by making use of any one of them, you can make your website safe from hackers and other online threats. 

8. Convenient for Novice 

As novice have no experience in coding, WordPress is good for them. There is no need to learn anything extra to get started with WordPress. Bloggers can easily make use of it and can build up their identity on the Global Internet.


A modern and up-to-date website is the main key to success for any business or company. If you have a HTML website, just convert it to WordPress in order to enjoy huge traffic to your website and obtain desired success.