Monday, 20 July 2015

Guide to Add “Click to Tweet” Buttons in WordPress Posts

Click to Tweet

Today, social media platforms are playing a significant role in transmitting the messages and ideas to a large number of people. This platform has influenced many of people to actively participate in circulating or sharing the information to their friends and peers. 

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ websites are the most powerful and popular social media rostrums, where you can promote your website’s content or blog to the multiple web users.

In fact, most of Wordpress customization experts are installing social media plugins to pull social media presence of your site. The main purpose of adding such plugins on WordPress are to leverage more people to share your site content. This increases the chances that the content will go viral and connect more visitors to your site.

Here, we will explore about the Twitter, which is one of the great social media websites that can be used to promote your website post. The capability of 140 characters is stunning, as people show interest to share small notions that can bring revolution in the World. The blogs or articles that you create regularly may contain hidden message or idea. And these small descriptions engage more readers, and also create a curiosity about the topic. 

Most of the readers would like to read the article and try to engulf the main highlights of the content. But to attain this, you need to add a click to tweet box in your WordPress posts. 

Through this post, we will learn about How to install Click to Tweet Boxes in your WordPress Posts. This blog will allow you to add manageable tweet boxes in your posts, enable readers to tweet and upsurge the publicity of both the content and the website. 

We will install the Tweet Boxes in your WordPress posts with the support of Better Click to Tweet WordPress plugin. Well, there are many other plugins for the same but we select Better Click to Tweet because:
  • This plugin supports the latest version of the WordPress 4.2.2.
  • Other tweet plugs are not updated; they are out of date now. 
Obviously, we want to utilize the top-notch plugins that can support the latest version of WordPress and the Better Click to Tweet plugin is a great plugin that can help you promote your website's content to increase productivity.

Steps to Add Click to Tweet Boxes on Your WP Posts

Step1: First, download and install the plugin.

Step 2:
Activate the plugin on your WordPress.

Once completing activation, go to the settings of a plugin.

Step 4:
Then, you can view a twitter handler box. Here, you need to enter the Twitter handler without the sign of @. For example, if your twitter handler is @abc, then only write ‘abc’ into the box. 

Step 5:
Produce a post and add the facile shortcode to absorb the benefits of the Better Click to Tweet Box. 

Step 6:
Well, this is an optional process. If you are feeling unsatisfied with the style of the tweet box, then you can also customize it by editing the plugin CSS that can be viewed at wp-content/plugins/PluginName/assets/CSS/styles.css. 

Note: If you are new to the WordPress, then don’t change the code. In fact, you can hire a professional and experienced WordPress developer who can add this plugin on your WordPress. 

Remember These Things While Using This Plugin

No doubt, this is a great plugin but still it has some limitations that you should consider while adding the Click to tweet buttons in WP posts.

Keep the length of a tweet at 177 characters because of the twitter name and the ability to link back to the post.
To an addition, you can use the URL shortener to control more characters. 

If you are utilizing the visual editor, then you can use the BCTT birdie icon to add the shortcode to upgrade the productivity of your plugin.

A plugin is an open source, which means you can add the desired features to the plugin to make it more compelling and compatible.


In this blog, we have discussed on how to integrate the tweet button in WordPress post. With the help of Better Click to Tweet plugin, you can add this button and publicize your content as well as website.
Now, you can give your WordPress posts and blog a better exposure via Twitter by using the tweet button or you can approach to WordPress development services.