Friday, 2 October 2015

X Theme: Create a Perfect Responsive Website with Ease

x themes

Creating a top-notch website becomes imperative if you want to stay ahead from your competitors in the online World. With the help of handy plugins and themes, you can make your site unique and professional.

In this blog, we will learn how to create a perfect responsive website that is merged with bbPress, Buddypress and other essential plugins to keep your site protected from viruses and spam bots. We will also go through the X Theme for WordPress. It is one of the popular themes for WordPress because of many reasons.

X comes with four, beautifully designed Stacks that you can activate with a single click. X Stacks are also known as WordPress Templates. With the help of stacks, you can begin the designing of your site. All four stacks offer an innovative purpose and will perform their function independently for assorted business models. You can choose any of the stacks as per your business needs.

Four X Theme Stacks are: 

stacks of x theme

1. Integrity

It offers a smooth and clean design that has pinstripe shadowing all around elements and borders all over the layout. It is one of the great stacks as it is best for online marketing type of websites.

2. Renew

Renew provides a flat and sleek design that is unique and focused on functionality and color elements. If you are hunting for a stylish or contemporary design, then you can use this stack. 

3. Icon

It is a minimal design that utilizes unique elements to make it apart from other stacks. Icon is completely focused on imagery and low distraction points. In fact, it looks striking in any layout, but you can use it in either your left header layout, or the sidebar fixed on the right. 

4. Ethos

If your business is based on magazine style layouts, then you can use this stack. Ethos is unique as it displays blog posts and widget content in a stylish way.

Conclusively, these four stacks provide the potential to have Header position as: top fixed, Top static, right and left header positioning. They have the ability to make the X theme an exceptional one when it comes to custom options. X is also improved for speed with every line of code.   
X also offers 40 straightforward shortcodes that can help you to add striking features in your WordPress site. 

Let’s overview the most promising 10 shortcodes:

1. Color Container
2. Killer Buttons
3. Tabs
4. Animated Counters
5. Featured Headlines
6. Social Sharing
7. Text highlighting
8. Promo
9. Table of Content
10. Responsive Light box

And many more. 

X Theme provides Integration with Buddypress, bbPress and a wide range of extensions. This is really important if you want to run a social community on your website. We will go through the exact steps that you need to take to setup the X Theme as a WordPress community and Social Network. X Theme is an essential part even for Wordpress web development as they are pretty useful in marking responsive website.

With a few clicks and easy configurations, you can make your WordPress website perfect for the big leagues. Ultimately, you have the ability to run different forums, friend requests, private messaging, social groups and much more by using the X themes extension add-ons.

With the help of these steps, you will understand how to keep spam bots from registering on your BuddyPress registration page. In fact, you will also learn how to protect your WP multi-site setup with the WP plugins.

X theme offers great features that can help you create a perfect responsive website. In fact, many professional developers recommend X themes for WordPress websites.


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