Friday, 9 September 2016

“Only the Best for Our Clients” - HireWPGeeks HTML to WordPress Conversion service

WordPress powers a solid 26% of the CMS-using sites on internet and the numbers are increasing not from peer-pressure, but the absolute adaptability, user-friendliness, and control provided by this platform. So if you want to switch from boring old HTML to WordPress’ dynamic interface, you won’t find many who would protest. And that vague panic in the back of your mind over lost site data or design can be driven away. You can leverage all the wonderful WordPress features without losing your online footing with HireWPGeeks.

HireWPGeeks offers HTML to WordPress conversion services that are W3C validated and cross browser compatible. Their team of seasoned developers and expert analysts work diligently to ensure pixel-perfect HTML to WordPress conversion, meticulously coded by a team of professional developers to preserve the integrity of your old site design (if you so wish) and prevent any data loss that may damage your business prospects.

HTML to WordPress conversion is a simple-in-theory-only process with often undesired outcomes: You may be told to fit into WordPress mold, but not by HireWPGeeks’ team of experts. All projects by HireWPGeeks are reviewed to ensure maximum functionality, cross browser compatibility and unparalleled performance for great user experience and search engine results ratings on all devices. The company builds a brand new WordPress website with your own HTML website as a foundation and WordPress’ feature-packed platform as scaffolding. Delivery is made after rigorous revisions and pixel perfect designs are brought to life with constant collaboration between clients and our developers. Every last feature is inserted after your approval, allowing projects to be developed with pin-point precision using previews and real-time comments and edits to your specifications and the team’s own exacting quality standards.

HireWPGeeks has a solid client satisfaction record of more than 5 years in service. They have catered to clients across the globe and delivered conversion services timely and efficiently. The company understands business goals and requirements and employs its knowledge of the platform and expert insight to provide highly scalable enterprise grade solutions at cost effective rates. Their motto: “Only the best for our clients”. Their solutions are processed using latest platform-specific technologies and the most future-proofed trends and methodologies.

HireWPGeeks extends unwavering, round-the-clock technical support to their clients and patrons. Their responsive team of support staff is only a call or a message away.


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